The Beauty Trend That Works: Skinmalism

The Beauty Trend That Works: Skinmalism

The new era to skincare

Both the word “skincare” and “minimalism” gave birth to the term “skinmalism”. As straightforward as it means, skinmalism sums up to embracing a routine that only has a few skincare or beauty products. Has this become a new trend? You tell me. The pandemic has forced many to work from home, our lifestyle has changed in many ways that we might not have realised – but here’s a checklist below to see whether your beauty routine has changed:


We wear a full face of makeup on skin for more than 8 hours a day. We miss dressing up and heading out, what about you? 


Post-pandemic (Birth of Skinmalism) 
Our makeup routine has reduced from 10 steps to 3 simple steps daily (concealer, maybe a brow-lift, and lip-tint). On the days where we feel fancier, we might celebrate with a sharp wing liner.


Treatment products are purchased more frequently to tackle skin issues that may have been caused by the congestion of dirt or leftover makeup that were not cleaned properly after a long tiring day of work. Adding onto that, we could not forget the environmental stressors such as pollutants and micro-dust that irritates our skin when we’re out of home.
Post-pandemic (Birth of Skinmalism): 
When people are cooped up at home, they study their skin better and stick to a routine that they could see a significant difference in. The beauty of skinmalism is this – as people spend more time embracing slow beauty and letting the natural skin shine, we start to stick to a routine that not only reduces the steps in makeup, but also just relying on essential skincare products that might have always just been enough to nurture the skin to its natural healthiest state.




Staying at home does not mean that you get a chance to neglect your skin:


Your skin probably notices the sudden change in routine from the lifestyle that you have been living post-pandemic. Use this time to determine what your primary skin concerns are and address them with skincare products that contain an ingredient list that can help. Nobody is rushing you, and that zit that has been staying on your forehead rent-free can stay there a little longer without you wounding it.


Skinmalism has taught us one important lesson; that healthy skin is not a destination, but more of a journey. Let’s stop pursuing perfection but start embracing slow beauty with your flawsome skin that will, always, get, better.  






So why exactly does Skinned define their products as consciously made?

With conscious skincare, comes conscious consumers. As one consumer our own, many factors come into our decision making when it comes to choosing the suitable skincare for our skin. From what we can tell, if you are already practicing skinmalism in your daily lifestyle, you have also adapted the habit of a conscious consumer.
If you are a customer who studies the whole ingredient list to ensure that you’re only paying for the exact ingredients that targets your skin concerns, you are also unconsciously practicing skinmalism by opting not to overwhelm your skin with unnecessary ingredients in the list that may sensitize your skin. Here's a video below to show you why Alissa loves our simple yet reliable "Lock & Stay!" Rice Serum



Looking from a bigger picture, more have come to realise that our daily skincare needs only requires the basics of this few: proper hydration, proper protection, and proper healing activities. Skinned is happy to make it known that our Dancin’ N’ Gleamin’ Duo serves all your skin’s fundamental purposes. Shop now at our website:



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