Refrigerate your skincare: Should I or should I not?

Refrigerate your skincare: Should I or should I not?

Refrigerate your skincare: Should I or should I not?

By Skinned Magazine

Scoot aside your milk, veggies and fruits and make some room for your skincare products in your refrigerator. If you’re not a fan of storing your skincare goods next to your leftovers, you can always invest in a mini skincare fridge. 



If you’re an avid skincare or beauty enthusiast, you have definitely heard of the skincare fridge craze that has been all over Instagram over the past couple of years (#minifridgeshelfie), most beauty and skincare gurus own one and it is usually packed with their favourite sheet masks, jade rollers, vitamin c serums, etc. It’s cute, mini-sized, and gives a spa-inspired feel to it. It’s honestly not hard to see the allure of it when it’s lacquered in pastel hues to match your aesthetic. 






Think of it this way, when you get a bump on your face or your ankle is swollen your parents will tell you to apply some ice onto the wound to stop the swelling and inflammation. Another example is when you apply chilled cucumbers onto your eyes to help reduce puffiness of the eyes, this is because cold temperature is more effective at de-puffing and soothing than room temperature.



So, storing your skincare is the same concept as what I mentioned above, certain skincare products have the ability to work slightly better when chilled to expedite the process of reducing inflammation, puffiness and drain facial fluids to your skin. 



According to dermatologist Dr. Joshua Zeichner, “products go through stability testing when they are produced, but most products are to guarantee stability at room temperature”, so it is essential to check if your products are stable enough to be in cold temperature prior to storing any skincare products into your fridge.



NOW, TO CHILL OR NOT TO CHILL? Well, we have listed down the types of products that are suitable and unsuitable to be stored in the fridge just in case you were wondering!



While room-temperature skincare products are doing your skin plenty of good, there are certain items that benefit from being stored in the fridge. Here are skincare goods that you should definitely store in your cute little skincare fridge (or your kitchen fridge). 



  • Vitamin C & Retinol: Vitamin C & Retinol is known to be heat and light sensitive, hence why it is usually packaged in dark bottles to deter it from breaking down and oxidizing faster when exposed to sunlight, so it is best to keep it in the fridge to ensure longer shelf life.



  • Sheet masks: Who wouldn’t want a cold sheet mask pressed onto your skin on a hot day? If you haven’t tried this, you definitely should! It also reduces puffiness and excess facial fluids.


Source: HERA


  • Eye Gels and Cream: We already know that eye creams were created to diminish the appearance of under-eye circles, but in addition the cooling effect of storing it in the fridge will help further alleviate under eye puffiness and to wake up tired eyes. Think of this as a caffeine-free way to wake you up in the morning!


How to Harvest Aloe Vera + What To Do With It | Hello Glow Source:


  • Aloe: Aloe Vera is best known for its ability to calm and soothe redness & irritated skin (sunburns and burnt skin) but it works even better when chilled and feels super refreshing. Due to its short life, you should always store it in the fridge.


  • Water-based products: Storing hydrating toners, serums and essence in the fridge will provide a cooling and refreshing effect, and it also helps soothe irritated skin, so it’s perfect for sensitive skin types. *Hint hint* our “Lock & Stay!” Rice Serum is a lightweight water-based serum and it feels amazing applying it when chilled and assists to calm inflamed acne bumps (it has an extra refreshing effect as it contains Aloe Vera).


Rosewater Face Spray: Soothing Face Mist | Glossier

Source: Glossier


  • Facial mists: Store your facial mists in the fridge to refresh tired skin, or to spray on your face after a hot and sweaty workout!


  • Natural Skincare Products: Storing natural skincare products in the fridge can aid to extend their shelf-life. It can also prevent the breakdown of natural ingredients. These products are made without preservatives, so keeping them chilled will help them last longer.


  • Jade Rollers and Gua Sha: Jade rollers and Gua Sha tools are used to stimulate blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. Pop them into the fridge as they provide more benefits when chilled.



Tip: Applying these chilled products onto your skin can be a sensorial treat however, keep in mind to ensure these products are sealed tightly when stored to avoid contamination of the product. 



Additional tip: If you are keeping your products into your kitchen fridge, ensure the temperature is not too low as the products could end up freezing which would cause the active ingredients in the product to break down.





Similar to how there are certain products that you should not store in your kitchen refrigerator (e.g: onions and garlic), there are also certain skincare products that you should never store into your fridge.


 Clay masks can unclog pores and decongest skin in a pinch, but not all are created equal. Here are the best clay masks for every budget.Source: Byrdie


  • Clay masks: Clay masks can harden and solidify when kept in the fridge, so it’s best to be kept in a room-temperature environment (unless you have a baby-shaped shovel at hand ready to dig up some clay).

 Organic Hemp Seed Oil | Hemp Seed Oil Skin Care – Josie Maran CosmeticsSource: JosieMaran 


  • Oil based products: Oil based products can become cloudy when stored in the fridge, it can also cause the oil and water ingredients to separate, and no one wants that. 


  • Sunscreen: Sunscreens are found to be more stable at room temperature. In a colder and more chilled environment, it could harden up and separate in the bottle.


So, if you’re still trying to make a decision if you should store your products into the fridge, we have narrowed down a few PROS and CONS to help you with that.





  • Can help in de-puffing and soothes skin.

  • Calms red skin and sunburns (aloe).

  • If you live in a hot and humid climate, applying cold skincare products on your face will feel like a dream to you.

  • Allows skin to feel more refreshed and awake.

  • You can pamper yourself with a refreshingly cool routine in the comfort of your own bedroom





  • You cannot store facial oils in fridge as it will solidify (e.g: coconut oil solidifies when it is stored in a chilled environment)

  • If you decide to keep your products in the fridge, there is always the hassle of walking down to the kitchen from your bedroom.

  • Skincare fridges are slightly expensive.





All in all, it is entirely up to you if you want to store your skincare into the fridge or not. It will still provide benefits to your skin regardless. If you wanna indulge in something refreshing and cooling for your morning and evening skin care routines, then pop your skincare products into your fridge! 



Added bonus: You can also paste stickers on the fridge for an added touch. have curated cute stickers for you to stick on the fridge (refer to image below). It just makes skincare extra fun!


Comment below if you have stored your products into your fridge and if there were any evident benefits after application!



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