Gleam Dream: The Perfect Malaysian-Made Moisturiser for Your Skin, Explained

Gleam Dream: The Perfect Malaysian-Made Moisturiser for Your Skin, Explained

Glowy skin, is healthy skin.


Your natural skin cells turn over every 30 days or so, so you’d definitely not want to over-stimulate your skin in between that time. An occasional acid peel, exfoliation, clay mask is necessary, but a consistent skincare routine that should be done daily is to treat your natural skin with ingredients that nourish your skin from within and out. This process will usually take 6 weeks to 3 months, where your skin is acclimated to new products applied onto it to start showing the effects of the ingredients.


Moisturisers can be made locally, that's suitably made for local people.


Earlier this month, Skinned came out with a sudden drop of our Gleam Dream moisturiser. In actual truth, we have been working on this product since early 2019! At the early stages of Skinned formulating a moisturiser, there are only 3 skin goals that came to our mind: 1. Healthier and plumper skin 2. Lightweight enough for the hot and humid South East Asia climate 3. Ingredients that hold off stressors, so that your skin barrier finally gets the chance to starting healing and hydrate deeply. Like seriously, not just to reverse the negative effects your skin just faced for the last 24 hours, but really take the time to gently rejuvenate from layers deep.



Gleam Dream's ingredient breakdown: Simple and effective? Yes. Greasy and harsh? No. 


That objective came to our chemists to commit to ingredients that serve mainly those purposes (we believe that simple also means better), that includes our 6 star ingredients, rice extract, aloe juice extract, vitamin E, sodium hyaluronate, allantoin and hydrolysed pea protein.

Rice and Aloe Vera Extracts in Gleam Dream:
You’ve heard a lot about the benefits of our plant extracts, rich in antioxidant properties to cancel out oxidative stress and free radicals.

Hydrating Ingredients in Gleam Dream:
Then we have vitamin E and sodium hyaluronate that serves as super hydrators that plump up the moisture balance of our skin.

Humectants and Emollients:

In the name of a moisturiser, Skinned’s Gleam Dream moisturiser is packed with a balance of humectant and emollient. Humectants (sodium hyaluronate, aloe extract, allantoin, hydrolysed pea protein) help to draw moisture to the epidermis, while emollient (shea butter) plays the role to lock and seal the skin with a protective film to trap in moisture.


But here's something new for you, allantoin and hydrolysed pea protein? Interesting.  


Allantoin is often used in K-Beauty to soothe inflammation and remove redness on skin. It has worked effectively to heal the natural skin barrier as it moisturises, soothes itchiness and heals injured skin. Allantoin is also rated as “very safe” in the EWG sensitivity ratings, which supports why this ingredient is super-hyped for every skin type. If you’d like to heal or balance your skin for a long run, we think this will be a good start with our Gleam Dream moisturiser.

Pea protein is a hydrolysed protein derived from 100% plant origin. It works in synergy to achieve a complete cell restructuring and moisturising action of the skin. Thanks to their ability to increase epidermal water content, pea protein improves our skin tone and elasticity of skin, seeing a brighter and glowier face in weeks. Power.




If you are on a lookout for a new moisturiser, and your skincare goals are to find a moisturiser that brings you a stable, well-hydrated, plumped yet lifted skin, our Gleam Dream moisturiser may be the right pair for you.


We know that switching to a new moisturiser might be overwhelming to some, and with that concern in mind, we have our researchers chose a line-up of gentle and very safely rated ingredients to lessen the risk of an inflammation to arise. Thus, it is the key reason to why Skinned’s Gleam Dream moisturiser allows all skin types to take shape in strengthening their skin to a healthy natural glow.


See for yourself today, Gleam Dream moisturiser live at: Skinned’s Gleam Dream




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