SEA 🌏 Skin Essential

Formulated for hot and humid climates in South-East Asia and made with a golden list of potent ingredients πŸƒ

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Hey, Hi, Howdy πŸ‘‹πŸΌ We're Skinned!

A beauty and skincare wellness brand accustomed for South East Asia's climates 🌏

  • Rice Serum

    "I've been breaking out a lot during MCO due to the face mask but your Rice Serum is a life saver! Love me a good local product"

    πŸ™ @fl0wah on Instagram

  • Gleam Dream

    "I love that my skin feels bouncy after using Gleam Dream and it gives my skin a wonderful glow without clogged pores! An absolute DREAM, Just like its name"

    πŸ™ @farah__hayati on Instagram

  • Dancin' N Gleamin' Duo

    "My breakout cleared up considerably after about a week using Dancin' N Gleamin' Duo! It leaves my skin feeling nice and soft. I noticed my skin looks brighter and feels firmer."

    πŸ™ @herryyyyy17 on Instagram